A Pre-conference was held on Monday, May 18th in conjunction with the  OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development Conference May 19-21 in Memphis Tennessee

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The Preconference Workshop: The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus: An Emerging Challenge for Rural Policy.

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Agenda click  here: Preconference Agenda

PPT Presentations presented at pre-conference workshop:

Four Futures for the Arctic. Phillip Loring

Challenging the Rural Policy-Practice Gap. Felicity Kelliher

The-Food-Water-Energy-Climate-Nexus-A-Polanyian-Reflection. John Devlin

A cumulative effects approach, developing a decision support framework… Henry Penn

Food, Energy, and Water in the Arab Region. John Bryden and Karen Refsgaard

From fossil to sustainable rice production systems, a comparative case study. Marco Pagani

Determinants of International Migration. Pamela Kelrick

Effect of Capitals in community economic resilience. Paul Lewin

Motivations of Mexican Workers to Participate in Canadas Seasonal Agricultural Workers Program. Lidia Carvajal

Environmental Protection Policy and Rural Community Wealth: A US Case Study. Bruce Weber. Memphis, TN. May 2015.

Québec’s Approach to Rural Development: A Successful Rural Policy under Budgetary Pressure. Bill Reimer & Bruno Jean. Memphis, TN. May 2015

Issues of Household Food Security in a Developing Country. Tom Johnson. Memphis, TN. May 2015

Challenging the Rural Policy-Practice Gap: Engaging Rural Firms in the Green Economy. RIKON Research Group. Memphis, TN. May 2015


At the 2011 World Economic Forum in Davos, A new book entitled Water Security: The Water-Food-Energy-Climate Nexus was released. 
The book argues that:

“Finding sustainable growth models that can work across these issue areas while sustaining a global economic recovery will be challenging, but it is possible. Technical investigation, economic analysis, and policy formulation need to become much more interlinked.” 

Much of this “…investigation, economic analysis and policy formulation …” will involve rural people, places and policy makers.

The 2015 ICRPS workshop addressed these challenges and assessed priorities for education, research and policy innovation in different contexts, including OECD countries of Europe and North and Central America and those of North Africa and the Middle East.”




The 10th OECD  Rural Development Conference “National Prosperity through Modern Rural Policy: Competitiveness and well-being in rural regions”. Hosted by the White House Rural Council and the United States Department of Agriculture and took place  in Memphis Tennessee.

Click on this link to information form the meeting:

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RUPRI International Activities

It is impossible to consider the challenges, needs, and opportunities facing rural America or to consider the rural impacts of public policies and programs without taking full account of the international context.  The impact of trade agreements and policies on agriculture and on the scale and type of Federal support for crop production, the dramatic consequences for rural small towns of relocating manufacturing activities to other countries, and the global competition for capital, natural resources, and skilled labor and its implications for rural competitiveness, are just a few examples.  It is also true that rural people and places across the globe have many challenges in common, which have given rise to exciting innovations in policy and practice in different contexts.  There is much to be gained for rural America to be exposed to these innovations and for rural America to share its learning with others.  RUPRI’s International Dialogue program is intended to open up international channels for exchanges of ideas opportunities, and experiences in rural and regional development among policymakers, academics, and practitioners.

RUPRI continues to develop a set of institutional linkages worldwide that span the competencies of research, policy analysis and engagement, dissemination and outreach, and decision support tools.


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International Comparative Studies

RUPRI, through the leadership of Dr. Thomas Johnson, Frank E. Miller Professor of Agricultural Economics, at the University of Missouri, is a partner in the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies Summer School, a consortium of faculty from eleven universities in Canada, Europe, and the US providing graduate level intensive study for students interested in rural policy issues.

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